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Time passes...

We all undergo the natural process of aging. Each day brings new experiences and changes in our bodies. As we age, our bodies must adapt accordingly. Among the intricate components of our physiology, muscle stands out as a particularly complex tissue. It requires stimulation to maintain strength. Without proper activation, our bodies tend to conserve resources, leading to a gradual weakening of the muscles over time.

Why do I need muscle?

The human body boasts an impressive array of over 600 muscles, each serving multiple crucial functions. One primary role they undertake is providing vital support to our bones. Muscles help maintain the proper alignment of our skeletal structure. When muscles weaken, they can no longer fulfill their supportive role effectively. This may lead to misalignments and increase the risk of injuries. It's imperative to care for and strengthen our muscles to safeguard overall musculoskeletal health.

How we help.

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